Helpful Hints In The Kitchen

Today I am working on my cookbook and I came up with a page of helpful hints in the kitchen. Below are a few I came up with. Do you have any you would like for me to add? If so text me, email me or respond to this blog.



Helpful Hints In The Kitchen:

  •  Add fresh mint or fresh lemons to your ‘Southern Tea” for extra flavor.
  • Always chill fruit juices or soda before adding them to drink recipes.
  • Add soda water to juice for a bubbly low-calorie drink.
  • When you have leftover veggies, drain and store in your freezer for soups to be made later.
  • To make veggies look more elegant, add sesame seeds, almonds, etc.
  • Save your water/broth after boiling chicken. Add salt and you have a great chicken broth.
  • Want your food to stay hot on the plate? Heat your plates in the oven before using. Also, for salad bowl or plate chill before serving.
  • To keep pasta from boiling over add a little olive oil in the water.
  • To keep cheese from sticking to your cheese shredder, spray with Pam and then wipe it off.
  • To cut down on pans to wash, grill you veggies with your meat on the grill.
  • Before lighting your grill spray with PAM to help things not stick.
  • After frying anything that you want to stay crispy do not cover. It will lose all crispness.
  • For dusting your baked goods, put powdered sugar in a salt shaker.
  • What to do with the old bananas…throw them unpeeled in a Ziploc and freeze for baking later.
  • Make cookie dough a head of time and roll into ball. Freeze in zip lock bags and bake when needed. Store for up to 9 months.
  • When making sugar cookies, sprinkle your counter with powdered sugar instead of flour for rolling dough.
  • When baking and you only have a few cookie sheets, use parchment paper and have a sheet with cookies waiting to be cooked while one cooks.
  • Use a new coffee grinder that you purchase for spices.
  • Buy large amounts of meat to save $$ and separate at home. I also make meatball, meatloaf and hamburgers out of large amounts of hamburger and then freeze. This way the meal is ready to pull out of the freezer.

Let me hear from you!


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