A New Year Is Here!

Happy New Year everyone!

With the holidays it has been super busy at my house. We did finally get the 12 foot tree with 7800 lights down. I was going to count my ornaments but decided I didn’t really want to know how many I put on the tree. It only took 7 hours with Mike and I both to take down and put away Christmas decorations. It took 4 days to put it all up.


I have to say the 12 foot tree almost did me in. We ran out of lights, blew tons of breakers and had 5 plugs to plug the tree in. Three of which ran through the window into our garage and bedroom doors. I am a stickler about everything being locked up so the extension cords had to be push outside each night and windows locked. Maybe next year we will go a little smaller but don’t tell my husband Mike that. I could change my mind by next year.

Now with the holidays over it is time to get serious with my New Year resolutions. I really hate to make New Years resolutions because of the fear of failure but I still have to have goals and strive to be better no matter how many times I fail.

My first resolution is to read my bible more and pray more.

Second, to eat less and more healthy. Keeping track of what I eat by writing it down or using http://www.sparkpeople.com to keep up with my eating habits. SparkPeople.com is like a WeightWatchers on-line website. I am sure WeightWatchers gives you more info and recipes but it also cost money. This is free.

Third, be a better person! I want to love my husband more and be a better wife, love my children more and be a better mom, love my grandchildren more and be a better nana, love my friends more, my Vida group even people I don’t know.

Fourth, I want to pay attention to where I spend money this year and save instead of spending.

I do have a few others but this is what I am going to aim for first.

This is my son-in-law Jason who set a goal to graduate from college and adopt a daughter from Uganda. He worked full-time as a pastor, has a wife and 3 kids already. He now has a degree and 4 children. It was a hard road but I know he is glad that he set goals and accomplished them. We are all so proud of him!

031 027

This is Joy, our new granddaughter and our son Michael squeezing the love out of Jason! Amy and Jason worked very hard to meet their goals and did it!

So if you do make New Years resolutions I pray Gods grace for you to be able to continue those throughout the year. If you don’t make New Years resolutions,  I encourage you to make goals for yourself so you have something to aim for. Without goals we are aimlessly wandering around, with goals there is something to work towards.

I recently saw a picture of a young girl with the perfect body and the caption read….if you don’t work for it, you’re not going to get it. And of course it was about her very fit and firm body but we can apply that to all of our lives.


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