Festive Pretzel Rods!

I have seen the pretzel rods on Pinterest a hundred times so I thought I would try them and see how easy (or not) they are to make. Well a child could definitely do it! I have to say mine did not look like the Pinterest picture and I did them myself without the help of elves.


I choose a few candy bars from the store, some sprinkles, peppermint and nuts. I broke up all the candy and nuts into small pieces by putting them in a ziplock bag and hammering the candy with my rolling-pin. It was a little loud so if you plan to do this while the kiddos are napping break up your candy before nap time.


Take the  pretzel rods and dipped them in white or dark chocolate. I used 60% Cocoa dark chocolate and it did not dry as quick as the white chocolate. I rolled the dark chocolate and let it set up a little before I rolled it in candy.


Then just roll the pretzel rod in your choice of candy or nuts. To dry, place on a cookie sheet that has been lightly sprayed with PAM.


They do not have to be perfect! I took them to a party and they were a big hit and they were EASY! I hope you try them!


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