It’s Christmas Time!!!

It’s that time of year again when we decorate our houses, remember old friends, reunite with family and love to see the children’s faces when they see the presents under the tree!

We have family traditions that we do every year and one of them is to go Christmas tree hunting together. This year we had a few friends come along for the fun. And you have to have donuts and hot chocolate! Thanks to Amy and Jason!013

Cohen was serious about staying warm for this hunt………..but he left his coat somewhere…..012

So we found the tree after only 2 lots which gave us lots of time to play a lot of hide-n-seek! Your it!016

Cohen and Joy were so tired that they took a nap!


Our tree is quite large! Mike had to take our grill tong and put tape on the ends to hang the ornaments. He also stood on the top of the ladder. I know…bad, bad, bad!003

And it is finished! We blew a lot of breakers and have extension cords everywhere but it is up!



And then there is greenery to be made. I just collected different types of greenery even our yard clippings.


I just clip the greenery into small pieces and wire them together…..and voila….!



I make wreaths for every table. I put it over my lamps so that the lamp is in the middle, then I add colored balls.

This is an ornament from our first Christmas 35 years ago. Can you tell I was 15? But I love it and hang it with pride every year!



I am going to add pictures of things I have done around the house and I hope it inspires you!



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