Wow! It has been busy!

Thanksgiving has come and gone…..I can’t believe it! It is now time for the Christmas season…OMG!

Thanksgiving went well at our house this year. The runners got to run in the Greensboro Gobbler 5K…………Image

The turkey soaked in salt water all night and was ready for the oven. I just put a cut up onion, rosemary and salt in the cavity and baked for 15 minutes per pound.


I bake my turkey breast down at 325* until the last hour in a “V” rack pan. I also baste the turkey with butter, salt and pepper every 30 minutes. The last hour I grab wads and wads of paper towels and flip the turkey. I then add bacon to the top and bake for 1 more hour. Baking the turkey breast down makes it super juicy. If you think about it all the yummy juices drip down the back of the bird but baking it breast down causes all the juices to go to the breast of the turkey and it adds so much flavor and juices. I hate a dry turkey!


When I carve the turkey it is Mike and Hunters favorite time. They pick and sneak turkey the entire time…. I love that they like it so much!


We had 15 for Thanksgiving dinner and 30 for dessert. 


We had a very laid back fun day full of family and memories in the making. I love being with family so much that it was hard for me at 1:00 AM to go to bed! I tried to get my youngest Amanda to stay up and chat some more but she was pooped!

We did get up and go shopping at 9 the next day but no crazy shopping or shopping all night like some did (Kellie). The good thing for Kellie is that she is done with all shopping!



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