Look on the bright side!

With Thanksgiving upon us I was thinking about all the blessings in my life. I have so much to be thankful for! I have a wonderful husband and family!


This is our immediate family. We all love to be together for vacations, holidays and just fun times.

The tall guy with hair is Michael our son. He has really had some health issues due to a medication he took as a teen but if you talked with him you would never know.He came very close to death and has to take medication daily to continue to live. He had a kidney transplant at age 26. He has the best attitude about life. It even makes me feel convicted sometimes when I complain about thing that are just “petty”. He is a fireman and works crazy hours and his wife, Kellie works 4 days on and 4 days off. The two hardly get a day together due to their schedules. When I asked him about it one day he told me that they were so blessed to both have jobs that they love. He is always grateful! Kellie is a wonderful fit for him. Together they make life happy for themselves by looking on the “bright side” of things rather than the hard part of their life.

If you think about we all complain about our lives but when you really think about it, we are blessed! There is always someone whose life is harder than ours. If you are feeling like life sucks right now…go and do something for someone less fortunate than you. Give a gift card for food to a homeless person, make cookies for someone, just stop and listen to someone. For those who can, pay someones grocery bill at the grocery store, buy the person behind you in line lunch, leave a gift in someones mailbox….there are so many things we can do! Pay attention and I am sure you can find someone who needs a smile.

If we could all look at life on the “bright side” our lives will be brighter. We should be thankful for each day that we wake up, that we can walk, talk and breath. Forget about the “petty” things in life. Life is not perfect for anyone rich or poor but it is what we make it. The richest people can be the most miserable and the poorest person the most happy. It is about what we make of it so make your life  what you want it to be. Think on the “bright side”!


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