What to do with all the little pieces of leftovers?

You may have thought I was going to talk about food today but I tricked ya! I am talking about all the little pieces of fabric you sewers have laying around that are left over from all the projects you have done. This could also inspire those of you who may want to try sewing but are afraid. You can’t do it…yes you can!!!


I had all of these pieces left from an apron that I have.

I was just at the Holiday Market where I saw cute little headbands but they were all for adults. Every time I asked if they had them for children they said no. Well, that started my wheels moving. I came home and just tried a few things with my scraps of fabric. The first headband I made was small and would fit a baby. I was intending on it fitting and 8 year old so Amelia at church will get a new headband from me this week.


Very cute but very little. My second try was small also. But the 3rd time was a winner! I cut a piece of fabric that was about 5 inches wide by 16 inches long (childrens size). Adults size would need 2 inches more. I then sewed it together inside out and then turned it right side out. Confused? Me too! Fold the fabric in half long way and make sure the BRIGHT colors are on the inside. Then just inside out it. You should have a long tube. Next cut a 4 inch piece of elastic. I used brown so it would match our hair but I also used white. Fold the ends of your tube under about 1/2 inch and sew the elastic into the end of the tube. Do this with both sides. I did fold the corners of the fabric in at the ends so it was the same size as the elastic.


I then made up some embellishments to go on the headbands.


Above is a flower that I just twisted an 8 to 10 inch by1 1/2 to 2 inch piece of fabric and wrapped it in a circle. Used a glue gun on the back of it to hold the flower together.


Then I took a small piece of burlap and cut it into a square. I went around it with the sewing machine hoping that it will not unravel.


I also turned the ends under on a rectangle peice of fabric and made a fan. The button are made with a button making kit. As you can see it is not perfect but it is so cute! I then glued the embellishments on with my glue gun.


They look so beautiful in your hair and so easy to make. Everything I used I already had from other projects!ImageI


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