“Halloween At Our House”

Well last night we had a blast at our house! Our grandchildren had so much fun and after all that is what Halloween is about for me….the kids! To start the night we had dinner which consist of Mummy Fingers, Cow Eyeballs, Pumpkin Quesadillas, and Whale Gut Pumpkin Soup.


Just took hot dogs and wrapped them in strips of canned pizza dough. I used blue food coloring for the eyes


The Cow Eyeballs were just homemade meatballs with an olive in the middle that I cut in half.


I then poured BBQ sauce over the tops and called that blood. Our Pumpkin Quesadillas were made by hand cutting the faces and then cutting the back to match the front. Not with the eyes and mouth just the top.


The Pumpkin Thai Soup was very tasty. I told the kids that when we were at the beach that I had met up with the “Whale Wars” guys and got some whale stomach juice from them for our soup. I then added pumpkin to it. Sometimes they believe me and sometimes not…… I made spicy Brats Mummies for the adults. Darren made his plate to look like it was smiling.


Cohen had ask me to dress up too so I had to figure out what I could be that was not costly and time time consuming. I asked Rachel (our office manager) to paint something on my face that was pretty and that covered a lot of my face. well, she did a great job! I then came home and had to come up with what I was. I became a Gypsy. Caleb was also having a little trouble with his costume so we took him in the back and he came out a HOBO.  He made his own sign….”Please Help anything works”. Cohen was Iron Man and the girls were Peacocks.


We headed out to go “Happy Halloweening” in our neighborhood. The kids had a great time! While we were out getting candy my 90 year old mother-in-law was at our house giving out candy! It was her first year experiencing Halloween “our style”. Grandma Dot enjoyed her night and all the foods and the kids! After the kids go out they come back to our house and give out candy here. Cohen, Darren and Caleb enjoyed scaring people while sweet Kealee started  giving her own candy out because we ran out. We have so many kids come to our neighborhood that we were out of candy by 8. Next year I will have to hit Costco up a lot harder.


Chelsea and Darren also experienced the festivities for the first time. I would have to say the night was a smashing hit!


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