This past weekend our family all went to visit Amanda and Hunter in Asheville. We all stay at Amanda and Hunters house which is very helpful for the budget. We all also like to stay together! It was Papa Mike’s birthday too. We did a lot of his favorite things because it was his birthday weekend! On Friday night we went to eat at Doc Shea’s where we had an hour wait and then off to Mike’s favorite….the drum circle! Trying to entertain 4 little ones was a chore but thanks to iPhones and AutoRap it worked out!

Caleb liked his rap!

And then there was FOOD! Joy loved her food so much that she asked me to remember what she ordered so when we go there next time she can order it again.

Great place to eat and I love their t-shirts.

Michael, Caleb, Cohen and Jason love to drum but Cohen will drum on anything. Umpa (Mike) made Cohen a drum stick. We did not have any drums with us so Umpa improvised.

The girls danced the night away!

After the drum circle we headed over to FRENCH BROAD CHOCOLATE FACTORY…yum! The kids thought it was pretty great and of course I gave them all decaf coffee and some of my chocolate.

The next day we hit the trails! Mike really wanted to hike and it was after all his birthday weekend so we went to Dupont Falls. The views were amazing!

The sign did say to stay out of the water….

He didn’t read the sign. Caleb and Umpa were in the water! It was so cold that their feet automatically turned red.  In the end it was football and Shrimp and Grits at the Smith’s home. I think that Mike enjoyed his birthday and we all enjoyed our trip to Asheville. We all love being together and waking up to Nana (me) cooking breakfast in the morning with all the little indians wide awake by 6:30 and yes that is AM. Until the next family sleep over……………………………………………


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