Deorating For Fall

So some of you are saying to yourselves that you have no clue on how to decorate. Well, I hope I can encourage you to try. Decorating is a style or taste that YOU like. Yes there are trends and styles out there that may say your taste is bad but if you like it….who cares. Pick a few colors you like and start decorating. Sometimes we do need a little help putting it all together but you do have an “eye” for what you like. Some like a little more and some like a little less. Reguardless…get started.

I started gathering all of my pumpkins and fall colored greenery and to tell you the truth, it looked like I had a “hot mess” on my hands. Trying to figure out what to put where and what to put together.


I have many different textures and styles of things but it still works out to be beautiful. If you are not sure if something looks good or not just place it together and leave it for a bit. Looking at it over and over again you will figure out if you like it or not.


I like birds and feathers. Some people do not. This arrangement is on my coffee table. When I start putting things out I have no idea how it is going to work out but I love this!


I put this on my mantel……………………………..


These are all things that I have bought at different place and different times. I even got the above pumpkin at Harris Teeter (our local grocery store) on closeout after the season.



I add little things like the above figurine to my side tables and bookcase for Halloween and then I replace them with pilgrims and turkeys for Thanksgiving. The entire Halloween and Thanksgiving season I leave my coffee table and mantel the same.

I bought this flower arrangement at a yard sale. Again, I loved the feathers.


So decorating is about what you like. Just start collecting things. Pull it all out for each season and put it together. If you need help you can email me at Send me pictures.


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