With the cool temps in the air and Halloween just around the corner it is time for “BOO’s”! You ask yourself, what in the heck is a BOO? Well, let me explain. I love to give gifts to people and this is a great way to give a gift and have a reason. At this time of year I purchase little gifts here and there that are seasonal like the Brain Cupcakes, fall smelling candles and etc.


I also purchase a Halloween bowl or bag and just start adding little gifts..


Then take them to the office and give them to our employees. It brings them great joy to know that we think of them and appreciate them. It gives me great joy to bless them!Image

Rachel really enjoyed her Boo……..


If it is not Halloween and I feel that I want to give someone a little basket or bag of goodies I call it a “Happy”. Like when someone is having a bad day or is sick. I am always so suprised at how much joy something so small can bring to a person but we are all human and like to be appreciated.


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