Liberty, NC Antique Festival

This was an experience I had not yet had. A large piece of property (like a huge cow pasture) full of antiques. Well, they called the items antiques and some truly were. My age really came out on this journey because I knew what a lot of things were that were rust and old looking. Like the milk bottles and crates the milk man used to leave on our porch and the old buckets that were used for milking cows.


I also found these very cool spice holders.


Wire baskets seemed to be very popular.


There seemed to be a lot of these painted windows. I love that we have found a way to reuse these items rather than just fill the dump. My friend, Chelsea bought these. I bought some shutters that I am going to try and make a head board with.


I really liked these old canisters. They reminded me of my grandmas kitchen.


This ole timey egg crate was really cool. I love to see the way our grandparents lived life though some of these old school ways. It makes me appreciate how hard they worked and how far we have come.


It was a great day and I really saw a lot of thing that brought back childhood memories. I did not eat a funnel cake but they really smelled wonderful! Maybe next time!


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