From Red to Green!

Decorating is another thing I enjoy doing and in my home and I had a very large red room that was in style about 8 years ago. I have wanted to redecorate for a while but life has kept me busy and the decision of what to do with the room was a big thing. Also, the challenge of painting a room that has 14 foot ceilings.

Red is my favorite color but a red room was out! So in with the green! The color is actually called Burlap and I bought it at Sherwin Williams. I wish I had taken before pictures but I didn’t.

Also, I am a “traditional” style trying to become more modern. I love color and red! I have attached the pictures of the newly decorated room. In my mind the more modern things are the owls, the lamps that don’t match and the style of furniture. Let me know what you think.

I painted the room, made the curtains and hug them, made the colorful pillows and shopped second hand stores for decor. I purchased the end-tables and the lamps at a consignment store. I did buy the fabric couch and chase new. I hope you are inspired! If I can do this so can you!







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