Help in the kitchen

Everyone needs a little help in the kitchen, right? Well, my helpers in the kitchen are little. They are all 10 and under and there are 4 of them.

Last year for Halloween I had them help me with the “gross feast”. We had cow eyeballs with bloody sauce, yummy mummy fingers with pumpkin  quesadilla . For the cow eyeballs we make meatballs and put a green olive in the middle of the cow eye. I then put barbeque sauce over them and baked them in the oven. I served the cow eyeballs in small bowls with the blood sauce. Our yummy mummy finger were just hotdogs with store-bought croissant dough stripes wrapped around them and baked in the oven. And the pumpkin quesadilla were floured tortillas that I cut a pumpkin face in and put cheese between. I heated them up in the microwave.

Even though the kids helped me with the cow eyeballs they still asked me if they were real cow eyeballs. I do talk it up by say things like “these cow eyeballs are better than I thought they would be”.  Kealee, who at the time was 7 years old asked me several times if the eyeballs were real.

It was a very simple feast but to a 9, 7,7, and 3 year old, it was real. As a mom, I always did things like this and as a nana, I love doing these things for my grandchildren too. It is such a small task and it makes the children always have fun memories of their childhood.



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